Tony Shhnow - Sewed

by Paul Naud on October 06, 2021

If there’s anyone that could be appreciated by the old heads, martyrs of 2000’s R&B and Hip-Hip, and the current online generation of rap fans, it’s Tony Shhnow. With all the essential elements of building an everlasting artistry, the Atlanta bred rapper is taking himself seriously in an era of clones and oversaturated sounds. Tony Shhnow is bringing back that hustler spirit to being an independent artist, setting the standard for a DIY career that many don’t have the ethic to build. Top Chef Tony is truly a boss as an entrepreneur of rap with consistent products, diversification, and the tunnel vision to get to the top. 

Music from the traphouse veteran consists of immaculate wordplay, soulful samples, passionate flows, and a natural energy that gives real power to his words. Tony Shhnow can genuinely turn any beat into a hit whether it be Smooth R&B inspired, boom bap sounding, or even ferocious trap instrumentals like the one from recently released music video “Sewed”. 

Beforе I hit the radio I had a diamond wrist

With that aggressive expression, Tony makes a statement about how hard and serious he’s going in this song. The line rings too true for him because he isn’t the one to be chasing fame or attention on the internet, rather he’s always working and constantly chasing after it. Not many rappers right now are in their bag like he is. Lots of them only talk about it and focus on an image but Tony is calling them out. That’s really all he spits on “Sewed” and the rest of his catalog, FACTS. Once again, he’s side by side with his signature producer, trap music mastermind SENSEIATL. He added a valuable contribution to some of the songs off Tony’s latest project, “48 Laws Of Flower 2: Art Of Production” which “Sewed” appears on. NXLVN the videographer was able to capture and add to Tony’s enthusiasm with quick transitions to various bold effects. 

Watch the “Sewed” music video to see Tony Shhnow in his prime that’ll rise and last for years to come.


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