Trippie Redd “So Thankful”

by Aidan C Werder on December 29, 2021

On Christmas Eve, Trippie Redd dropped off a present to the underground with the release of “So Thankful”, a new rage-infused single off his new mixtape, ‘Hate is Dead’ - and the music video produced and hosted by the quietly prolific underground platform, DotComNirvan. 


So Thankful” is an instant banger from the first few seconds of Trippie Redd’s unmistakable vocal walking over the chaotic, synth-heavy rage beat - a signature of the current underground/Soundcloud wave that has had a big impact on Trippie’s development and holds a large presence on his latest project ‘Hate is Dead’ as well as his latest studio album, ‘Trip At Knight’ released earlier this year. 


As usual, DotComNirvan knocked the visual for “So Thankful” out of the park, perfectly matching the vibe of the track with perfectly executed edits, very well-done illustration effects, and a variety of surreal, colorful sets for Trippie to stomp around in his Yeezy boots and a variety of exclusive fashion.


It’s also worth taking a second to point out the significance of this track as it relates to the increasingly popular underground wave that’s blossomed over the last several years. As a major recording artist who has clearly been influenced by this sound, Trippie did good in collaborating with one of the premier platforms/music video creators in the space in DotComNirvan - and channeling the spirit of the underground by dropping a surprise mixtape that you can find only on Soundcloud under an account called ‘hnrzhunter’. 


Overall, “So Thankful” is a win for Trippie Redd and a win for the underground. All that said, it would be nice to see it on streaming platforms at some point so it can get its proper recognition. Either way, we’re so thankful for this release!


Check out the video for Trippie Redd’s “So Thankful” below - and go check out his new mixtape available only on Soundcloud at ‘hnrzhunter’. 


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