TyFontaine "Run It Up" feat SoFaygo

by NO JUMPER on February 25, 2021

Written by Paul Naud

Two of today’s biggest upcoming stars link up to make a statement to the industry… they’re coming. Over the last couple months both TyFontaine and SoFaygo have had a great deal of growth and buzz-worthy cosigns. SoFaygo is from Atlanta and TyFontaine came out of the DMV. Their collaboration “Run It Up” is both smooth and charismatic giving them that new age rockstar energy. After the era of Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yatchy, soundcloud rappers became the new framework for becoming superstars. TyFontaine and SoFaygo have captured the support of the next young generation as they both have the talent and style that the kids of today want. 

TyFontaine starts off with a confident, nonchalant hook bragging about the love and money he’s beginning to see with his success. SoFaygo comes through with his signature style of vibrant energy and exciting vocal dynamics that reflect the type of experimentation Young Thug does with his vocals. TyFontaine spazzes with his raps that have that R&B style to them. There’s no denying his ability to spit and add unique character to any song. 

The video is natural not doing too much but capturing their personalities and lifestyles clearly. Shot by what I’d call the next generation’s Cole Bennett, DotComNirvan. His connections within the rising wave of artists speaks through his videography style many times fitting the energy of the song and artist perfectly. Watch “Run It Up” now and follow both SoFaygo and TyFontaine to their imminent liftoff. 

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