by NO JUMPER on June 26, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Chicago artist Warhol.ss is back with a new release titled “Go Get It,” the first track off a recently released EP titled “Free Andy ll.” Packed tightly with only 5 rugged songs, Warhol.ss is looking to tide fans over just a little longer until they are blessed with his next album, which has been labeled as “TBD.” Produced by CashCobain2x, Go Get It is by far the most effortless performance on the EP. Resembling some of the past experimenting and styles Warhol.ss has dove into, he blatantly kicks off a new release with a banger that provides a glimpse into what we might see on his next full-length album. The Chicago rapper is proving to no one but himself that he has been working hard over the last few years, perfecting a craft that’s unreplicatable. His grimey, raspy voice has transformed ever so slightly since his come up in 2016. It almost seems as if there’s a strong force of maturity that lurked its way in due to the recent years of experience in the culture, in his art, and in life in general. Nevertheless, this is what sets young Warhol.ss from most of his counterparts: the desire to keep innovating and changing. Even though the infectious sound that is trap music doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, it’d be imperative to include a rapper like Warhol.ss in the strong list of artists who will succeed the sounds and trends of the 2010’s. And it’s already appearing that way. Fans are long awaiting this Chicago rapper’s highly anticipated album Where’s Warhol? ll, which has been teased for the last year or so over social media and through leaked tracks all over Youtube. It’s hard to get a solid idea of what’s truly going on behind the scenes for Warhol.ss and this new album. Whether it be slow movement on his label’s part (Empire), sample clearance, cold feet, or simply the artist's typical struggle of a clear vision, it’s very hard to tell at the moment. We know there’s been a grand list of singles, loosies, and leaks posted all over the web, but maybe it’s a little more deliberate than that. Maybe the wait is providing a sort of anxiety that keeps Warhol.ss in the forefront of rap music fans’ minds. The possibilities are endless, but at some point, Where’s Warhol? ll needs to be blasting out our speakers before the years end. With concerts, festivals, and public gatherings taking back its reign, it’d be a shame to not lose your shit in the general admission to some new Warhol.ss. Check out the new video for Go Get It in the link below.

This music video for Go Get It is a perfect blend of the new age rap video aesthetic mixed with your typical daily vlog-type content that most rappers would want to feature in their video. That doesn’t take away from the polished piece of work that the director Keaton Jones (@keatondjones) and editor Andrew Barrett (known as @creativeflow.mp4) graciously created for us. The interesting use of still frames and animation combined with digital video is immaculate on their part. Most have tried it but often find themselves replicating what’s been done over and over again. However, the unique drawing over Warhol.ss that makes his appearance represent a devil and angel all at once, to me, is very intriguing. It’s a very artistic, imaginative music video that is not too edgy but not too boring. It sits on a level playing field of music videos I could watch over and over again. It’d be a calculated move on Warhol.ss’s part to keep these two talents around to create more pleasing, eye-catching visuals.


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