Westside Boogie “Coochie (Freestyle)”

by NoJumperStore on June 10, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Compton native Westside Boogie is showing his wide range of colors with his recent release labeled as a freestyle dubbed “Coochie.” With no shame in the title, Boogie gets straight to the point calling out the fakes and the women of interest currently in his life. Coochie is definitely a double entendre here, Boogie raps: “the homie told me ‘bout a scam he tryna run back. I ain’t gon’ lie, I kinda think he want Trump back.” He expounds on that, saying: “heard you was the n**** that don’t ever pay the plug back. Heard you was that n**** always askin’ where my hugs at.” This could be shots at a lot of people, venturing into the world of stardom and fame brings all the unwanted shady people and bad energy alike. It’s one thing to let it slide, but it’s a whole other thing to call it out. Boogie’s intentions here are nothing but expected.

Boogie is really a wildcard in the rap game, boasting a multi-faceted arsenal of raps, singing, and more. The music video for this freestyle is beyond creative; with Boogie and his good homies starting off the mood right with praying before they dig into a voluptuous table of food at what appears to be a small local eatery. He’s fitted down to the toes, sporting an Eminem throwback tee, Rick Owens kicks, a Los Angeles cap topped off with a bandana around the neck. This is a reminiscent move on Boogie’s part. We don’t see too many releases based solely around a freestyle where an MC just needs to get some things off their chest. It’s amusing, leisurely, and laid back; giving you just the right amount of exposure in just under a minute and a half. Hopefully a trend like this can spark more effort in all MC’s alike in the culture. 

Westside Boogie, born Anthony Tremaine Dixson, has been resonating in rap and hip-hop music since 2015 with his break out single titled “Oh My.” Since then, he’s provided one very rugged full length release and several mixtapes. He’s signed with Shady Records and is managed by the Atlanta creative hub and record label LVRN (Love Renaissance.) This management and recording label boasts artists such as Summer Walker, 6LACK, OMB Bloodbath, Kitty Ca$h, and more. Boogie has a strong group of individuals backing him, including Slim Shady himself, which to any person who studies rap and hip-hop shows to be an outstanding accomplishment. It’s safe to say that his trajectory is only up from here granted that Boogie’s work ethic never changes. I’d say that’s unlikely. 

Be on the look out for more outstanding releases from the Compton rapper and check out Coochie (Freestyle) in the link below.


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