XBValentine Links Up With Westside Boogie For “Luxury”

by Noah Soria on December 23, 2021

Recording artist XBValentine Before "Luxury," XB's recently delivered a buzz-worthy track about poisonous love, named "Our Finale" featuring Bella. "Luxury" creates plans for the new star's approaching collection expected in 2022 through its engraving. Over the most recent couple of years, the Texas rhyme slayer has fostered solid grassroots after with her theoretical pleasantry, songs, and a broad resume of champion coordinated efforts with Paul Wall, Kap G, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dizzy Wright, and Baby Bash. XBValentine is the current face of Spotify's Our Wave, Nuestro Hip-Hop playlist. You can catch XBValentine on tour with Westside Boogie at the below dates.  


The guitar-playing tune sees Boogie, with a coy tone, rap to XBValentine about the pamper perspectives and conveniences that accompany the difficult work paying off while she spits two or three enthusiastic refrains about the assortment of tensions that accompany the toil. "Luxury" is the new stars' first joint effort that came to be later Boogie heard her rap, approving her music as evident and she is the following large new craftsman in the present famous music. “Stop playing her. She’s up next. Stop f’n playing with her. She’s next,” he says in the song’s press release. 


For newly discovered fans, XB and Boogie's new joint effort is the ideal beginning point to join the craftsman's particular clique following. For XBValentine, "Luxury" is an undisputed top choice. The track contains a line that says ‘24 woulda been the summary, but luckily I put my demons under me.’ Meaning I almost lost that battle with myself but ended up coming out of it stronger.” 


She continues: “When I first wrote it I was just venting & expressing what I was feeling in that moment but still knew I had to make something good enough for Boogie to hop on. Once I finished it I knew it was the perfect track for him. I wanted it to be raw & the listeners to be able to feel all the emotions we poured into it. I’m personally a fan of Boogie so I felt honored to have him a part of this song.”



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