YN Jay “Tip Off” feat. Louie Ray & Mozzy

by Aidan C Werder on February 04, 2022

This week, YN Jay dropped a surprise single and visual “Tip Off” - an awesome linkup between Flint, MI and Oakland, CA with features from Mozzy and his right-hand man and fellow scout, Louie Ray. 


For those unfamiliar with the unforgiving Flint style - and the particularly raunchy brand of Michigan rap brought to you by YN Jay and Louie Ray - “Tip Off” will give you an idea of what it’s all about. The song opens with what sounds like one half of an argument with a girlfriend, before one of Jay’s trademark growls as he dives into a wild verse featuring his patented, raw delivery and in-your-face bars as that signature Detroit drum pattern drops. Jay’s animated flow is contrasted by the gentle piano production and then again by Louie’s decidedly calm demeanor. Both Flint natives are known for their irreverent bars and particularly for the way they include their mistakes and stutter steps while recording and incorporate them into their songs. 


Mozzy is the perfect complement to the dynamic duo - known for his own, unapologetically raw style, gritty energy, and mesmerizing insular slang that can be hard to follow if you aren’t in the know. Mozzy even gets in the Flint spirit himself with a few stutter steps of his own, like on the alliterative bars: “Walking through this thing Dolce’d down lookin - Walking through this thing Dolce’d down lookin decent”.


The visual for “Tip Off” shows Jay and Louie taking turns playing each other’s’ reflections in the mirror, before inexplicably moving to a church for a pair of unholy verses from Mozzy and Louie Ray. In true Detroit fashion, YN Jayis also prominently rocking an “Awful Lot of Cough Syrup” tee and the exclusive Kool Kiy x Kool Whip collab.


YN Jay and Louie Ray are two of the most prominent Flint artists to break out of the red-hot Michigan rap scene ever since their joint project, ‘The Scouts’ dropped in 2020. Their popularity is thanks largely to their electric personalities and frankly outrageous insistence on the “Coochie” brand - which started with the 2020 song “Coochie”, followed by songs like “Coochie Land” “Coochie Scout” and “Coochie Man”, YN Jay’s 2021 album ‘Coochie Chronicles’, and even their own cleverly packaged weed strain: Coochie Runtz.  Like Louie says in his verse on “Tip Off”, the pair has “Upgraded a lot since the coochie song went coochie cool.”


Check out the video for “Tip Off” featuring Louie Ray & Mozzy below - and be on the lookout for YN Jay’s new project ‘Coochie Man vs YN Jay’ set to drop later this month.


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