YS "Bompton 2 Beecher" feat Krispylife Kidd

by NO JUMPER on February 15, 2021

Written by RosecransVic

World's collide as Compton's most energetic flag-bearer YS connects with Michigan's hottest new rapper Krispylife Kidd. "Bompton 2 Beecher" is produced by Michigan hit-maker Enrgy Beats whose credits include the viral hit "Free Joe Exotic" by BFB Da Packman and Sada Baby. The two refuse to let the beat breathe as they take turns spewing searing lyrics such as YS' "riding around  town in a 'vette, cruising through the set, pull up on a n***a with a tec, we gon' leave a mess" followed by Kidd's "bullets pop out and they punch your chest, spent your money on a vest and it hit your neck". 

This collaboration comes just a few days after Krispylife Kidd's standout appearance on Lil Yachty's "Royal Rumble" and only two weeks after YS last release "Won't Tell" as the two continue to captivate. Bompton, California is in reference to the neighborhood YS has grown up in and Beecher is a small city just outside of Flint, Michigan Krispylife Kidd grew up in. Expect to see many more collaborations from YS and Michigan's best as his affinity for the production, and artists continues to grow. Check out "Bompton 2 Beecher" below.





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