YungManny “you can’t stop the rain”

by Aidan C Werder on December 01, 2021

Over the past week, the DMV’s YungManny has caught fire on TikTok and across social media with his new single, “you can’t stop the rain” - an incredibly catchy, well-produced, and at times hilarious sampling of the 80’s hit “You Can’t Stop The Rain” by British R&B band Loose Ends - better known these days as “that song that Lamar from BMF sings”. In just over a week, nearly 20K TikToks have been made using YungManny’s “you can’t stop the rain” sound totaling over 42M views. 


you can’t stop the rain” is the perfect use of YungManny’s versatile creativity and fun-loving attitude - in both the song and the video making it clear that he values having a good time over taking himself too seriously. The song is built around a very well executed sample beat produced by ZTontheBeat - a talented rising producer helping to shape the future known for working with unorthodox, boundary-pushing artists like Icewear Vezzo, Shawny Binladen, and Lil Yachty. Capitalizing on the popularity of classic samples over gentle drill beats made popular by NYC producers like Cash Cobain, YungManny cleverly piggy-backed on to the growing sample drill wave, combined it with the current fixation on everyone’s favorite loose cannon from the new BMF show, and supercharged it with his own unique style, winning personality, and perfectly meme-able moments - creating the perfect storm for a viral hit. 


Digging back in Manny’s catalog, you’ll find that he’s always had a raw, forward-thinking style and love for music - blending his authentic energy with the trends of the day to create catchy, well-executed songs that clearly resonate. He first started uploading freestyles to YouTube in 2017, and really started gaining attention in the summer of 2018 when he dropped, “Moana” - a catchy, stripped down song with a raw beat, no cursing, guns or drugs, and super low budget music video that has since been viewed over 5.4M times. From there he consistently dropped quality releases - making big splashes with songs like “Bitcoin”, “Im YungManny”, “All My Guys are Ballers”, and “OMG” - always finding a way to incorporate current trends like he did with “you can’t stop the rain”. In 2019, he dropped ‘Hey Manny 2’ and in 2020 dropped another project titled “Confused’ - all the while still managing to drop a consistent stream of quality singles. This year, Manny has dropped several singles with some pretty notable artists - including “Her Peace” feat. YK Osiris & Loui and “Clap for Em” feat. Flo Milli & Sada Baby - the latter of which could be Manny’s biggest song with 13M Spotify streams. 


In recent months, Manny has been leaning into the sampling wave with his own, incredibly catchy, and well-executed remixes with excellent results - releasing super fun remixes of La Roux’s “Bulletproof” and Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow’s “Industry Baby”. “you can’t stop the rain” continues the trend and appears to be his first proper “sample drill” song (courtesy of ZT) - and the overwhelmingly positive response surely means that we’ll be hearing more of YungMannyin this bag on his upcoming project ‘I’m Really Him’. 


Check out the video for “you can’t stop the rain” below - and be on the lookout for YungManny’s new project ‘I’m Really Him’ on the way. 


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