Yvngxchris “Blood On The Leaves”

by Aidan C Werder on November 04, 2021

On Sunday, the 16-year-old underground Soundcloud phenom, Yvngxchris finally dropped the official version of what is already one of his most recognizable songs, “Blood On The Leaves” - which up until now has existed only on TikTok and YouTube as fan-created supercuts recreated from snippets and previews. 

The viral hit, “Blood On The Leaves” is an unusual, instantly catchy song built around Yvngxchris’ unorthodox, relentless cadence and a (somewhat controversial) sampling of Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit” - which most people reading this would probably recognize as Kanye’s “Blood On The Leaves” off of ‘Yeezus’... or “that Blood on the Leaves song from TikTok”.

The popularity of Chris’ version, with its seemingly nonchalant sample sparked some backlash around the original song’s somber history, important place the Civil Rights movement, and the tragic story of its original performer, Billie Holliday. To his huge credit, Chris took it upon himself to not only include a lengthy note on the song’s history front-and-center at the top of the music video, but the entire never-before-heard second verse of the track is geared towards topics like inequality and police brutality in 2021 - and doing so in a way that enhances the song without compromising its appeal or Chris’ magnetic signature style. 

If you’re unfamiliar, 16-year-old Yvngxchris out of Tidewater, Virginia has become an underground sensation over the last year since first catching fire on TikTok with the song “Kyrie Irving!” - standing out from the crowd with his distinct taste in electronic production, his muddled rapid-fire cadence, and his unapologetic commitment to eyebrow-raising punchlines. Since then, he’s been racking up millions of views and streams with non-stop hit singles showcasing his distinct signature sound like “Been Gettin’ Money”, “Dip Remix”, “April Fools” and popular collabs with fellow Soundcloud sensation, Babysantana, “No Hook” and “Get Off the Leash”. In July of this year, Chris dropped the hilariously titled, “bitch i’m joe biden'' and was featured on KA$HDAMI’s wildly popular album on the song, “Fitness”. 

“Blood on the Leaves” is a great introduction to Yvngxchris - a young, super talented artist with a distinct sound, unique vision, and a rabid, hugely engaged cult following online (and especially on Discord) eagerly awaiting his every move. Newly added to the Columbia roster, it will be exciting to watch the young phenom evolve into the inevitable superstar he was destined to be ever since picking up that PS4 mic to record his first songs. 

Check out the long-awaited music video for Yvngxchris’ “Blood On The Leaves” below. 



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