Blueface And His Mother Karlissa Respond To Chrisean Rock Carrying Baby

Blueface and his mother Karlissa responded to the comments ChriseanRock made on live. Chrisean told Karlissa that she would put her hands on her again if she did not stay out of her business.

“Chrisean I’ll get beat again and again if that’s what it takes.. We had a horrible start you have never apologized. I tried to save you from this pain and now that you have my grandson yes I have a change of heart.” she wrote.

“I know that he’s yours, but I love him and I’m here when you need mee because I understand.” she continued.

The mother of rapper Blueface tried to change her ways and offer a helping hand to Chrisean, even though people think she should have done this offline.

“You already know she can’t handle this so you definitely need to baby sit while she goes to Target next time. Be grateful to God you can.” She responded to a post her son Blueface made on X.

This had the audience a bit confused because both tweets were made by Karlissa. In one tweet she’s offering help and in the other, she is telling her son that she needs to be babysat while shopping.

Moments before, Blueface chimed in and gave his side of the story in this tough situation. He stated that he cannot micromanage everything she does, and he knows she’s going through something but reassured fans she will be okay.

Blueface and his mother seem worried for Chrisean now that she is a single mother. The two have expressed slight concern for the new mother and want to offer help when they can.

ChriseanRock called out Blueface for not helping as much as she thought he should. She vocalized her thoughts and stated that he hadn’t offer to help with the baby when she moved into her new five-bedroom house.

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