Blueface Calls Out Lil Baby In New Song ‘Baby Momma Drama’

Blueface decided to take aim at rapper Lil Baby for the second time around. Earlier this year, Blueface and Lil Baby had a conflict involving ChriseanRock.

Blue called out Lil Baby for sliding in ChriseanRock DMs. Blueface took this as disrespect from not only Chrisean but Lil Baby. Blueface exposed messages of the QC rapper Lil Baby sending compliments to the mother of his child. Blueface has made it his job to catch Lil Baby lacking anytime he can.

A video of Rock went viral of her speaking on the fact that she does not care about Lil Baby. Meanwhile, Blueface and ChriseanRock reunited after the birth of their child.

“I’m tryna talk it out. We talking ’bout Lil Baby and his restaurant, **** Lil Baby and his restaurant. *****, I’m talking ’bout our kid. You talking ’bout me eating at someone’s ******* restaurant.” Chrisean said.

Blue just released a video bashing Lil Baby and posted with the mother of his child Chrisean and their newborn son Chrisean Jr. In the song, Blueface mentioned how he could never let a man feel on him, alluding to a photo of Lil Baby at Michael Rubin’s all-white party.

“Lil Baby thought he knew me. How you let another grown man feel up on your booty? Couldn’t be me, boy I am not a hoochie. You ****** really industry, I am really in the streets. Squabble up, line it up Still beefing with enemies.” the Blueface lyric reads.

Lil Baby did not like the first jab Blueface took at him months ago and responded in a song. He goes to Instagram stories to recite his own lyrics, calling out Blueface.

“They say what’s in the suitcase? Put a hunnid up a million times, **** is a blue face?” Lil Baby mouthed.

The drama between these two rappers is escalating. Lil Baby responded to the diss track by Blueface.

“Whooo? Y’all stop playing,” he said on social media.

Blueface seems to still be upset with Baby after months since their last altercation over Chrisean.

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