Blueface Claps Back At Shooting Victim Trolling Him In Courtroom

Blueface responds to the hilarious trolling tactics after being mocked by the person he shot.

After the West Coast rapper was sentenced to three years of probation concerning the 2022 Las Vegas shooting incident, the victim decided to troll Blueface by sharing several selfies in court on social media. 

“***** ass *****,” the victim, Kentabius Traylor, tweeted.

“I should slap the back of this ***** head … and his humpy dumpy ass,” he added.

As the series of trolling tweets made its rounds on social media, fans made jokes at Traylor’s expense and called him out for “snitching” and “acting tough on the internet.” Blueface seized the moment to troll Traylor in return.

“This man showed up to court told on me just to take a picture wit me,” Blueface tweeted. 

According to Rolling Stone, the West Coast rapper, born Jonathan Porter, was accused of firing shots at Traylor after he made jokes about Porter talking with some females in a “cheap vehicle.” Traylor said that guys he thought were members of Porter’s crew struck him and then opened fire as he sought to flee in his truck. 

Traylor was stuck in his left hand.

Judge Kathleen E. Delaney reduced the rapper’s charges after initially charging him with attempted murder. However, she granted him probation in exchange for violence and firing a gun into an occupied building.

By the rules of his probation, Blueface is not permitted to carry any drugs or alcohol, as well as any weapons (including firearms). Additionally, he is not allowed to be in Las Vegas Downtown or Strip corridors unless he must be there for work. 

“If you get [caught] back here on any probation violation, especially anything involving a weapon, I will not hesitate to put you in prison for a significant period of time,” Judge Delaney warned Blueface.

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