Blueface Explains Why He Has Yet to Acknowledge His Newborn Son

As the news broke that Chrisean Rock gave birth to a baby boy, her now ex-boyfriend, Blueface, is explaining himself to the internet!

On Sunday, Chrisean shared the big news that she was in labor with fans via Instagram Live as she gave birth to her son, Chrisean Malone, whom she named after herself. She was surrounded by her family, nurses and a midwife. Fans quickly noticed that the baby’s father, Blueface, was not present. 

According to TMZ, he was reportedly in Miami with his older children’s mother, Jaiydn Alexis. The Los Angeles rapper was blasted by the internet for missing his newborn’s birth, leading him to explain why he wasn’t present.

“Jaidyn left me when rock got Johnathans p**sy tatted that’s the only reason for all of this…,” he tweeted “I was being a narcissistic thinking a female that left me must be dumb but I was the dumb one fr cuz instead of chasing after her I took someone else in thinking she could fill them shoes.” 

“I’m just tryna make it right at this point cuz there is a baby involved, an it’s deeper then rap an went further then it should have but y’all won’t let me smh Jaidyn don’t like the conversation if it’s not about me an her,” he continued. 

The father of three wanted fans to place themselves in his shoes.

imagine you being loyal to a ***** for 10 years n he get distracted by somebody portraying to be as loyal for clout in the end she get a kid outta of it an now the conversation never ends I was wrong an I’m tryna make it right I’ve had one BM till now for a reason,” he said.

However, Chrisean nor social media weren’t having it. The new mother took to social media to address Blueface for the final time. 

“Stop the bitter sh*t we kno you dropping another song soon I get it … let me heal fr stop trynna make something about another woman knowing u will Leave her anyday for me,” she tweeted. “Yo son will be waiting for his Dadddy to grow tf up … sh*t hurting you but u can be a man about sh*t,” she said in a deleted tweet.

“Johnathan let’s go head up I don’t care what u got going on the beef is between you and I you include the other shit for promotional reasons I left with nothing on purpose so u won’t even be able to say it had something to do with MY MONEY,” she continued. “Just go heal n love yo family properly.” 

“time will heal everything but this is my last tweet /post /comment mentioning you ever again. You have my number the social media stuff is getting ridiculous. Just heal n let the blessings just invade everything n everyone. Me and Chriseanjr will always love you unconditionally,” she said.

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