Blueface Faces Backlash For Controversial Remarks About Indian People

When it comes to making headlines and stirring up controversy, Blueface indeed has the formula.

The West Coast rapper has once again landed in hot water for his remarks about Indians and Native Americans.

The rapper was a guest on the No Jumper podcast. He was asked his opinions on a recent video of internet personality Sneako convincing gamer N3ON, who is of Indian descent, to use the N-word. Blue, of course, wasn’t shy when it came to sharing what he thought.

“I think Indians are ******, for real.” the 26-year-old said on the podcast, speaking on whether or not Indians get a pass for using the racial term. “Who the **** like Indians? And there’s a phrase called ‘Indian giver,’ which means you give somebody something.”

He was shortly interrupted from expounding on his word choice by host Adam22 but then continued with his point.

“There’s plenty of things that ****** know about themselves that they will feel publicly offended by, but they know,” he continued.

Many social media users bashed the rapper for his offensive and ignorant stereotypical remarks about Indian people.

Earlier this week, the rapper was in the hot seat for claiming that he and Megan Thee Stallion once had a sexual encounter. The revelation was dropped in a video clip shared online from Hollywood Unlocked.

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