Blueface Goes 12 Days Without Cheating On Jaidyn Alexis: ‘She’s Worth It’

Blueface started a new no-cheating trend with his relationship with the mother of his children, Jaidyn Alexis.

The West Coast rapper let the world know that he’s been loyal to his partner for almost two weeks straight.

“If I cheat, Ima let y’all know ima make this a trend lol today marks 12 days y’all better root for me an encourage me. My BM ain’t been with nobody else in 10 years. I can try a lil harder this time around. I ain’t gone find nobody else like her,” he posted online.

He then says he’s hoping to extend it to 3 weeks.

The 26-year-old rapper proudly boasts about his girlfriend and her new enhanced body shape on his Instagram story. As social media blasts the couple on their public toxic behavior, “Ya’ll thought that a** ain’t move huh she just classy it don’t shake for everybody,” he wrote.

Love runs deep for the “Thotiana” hitmaker. He even pokes fun at the jokes online of his girlfriend resembling Stewie from Family Guy and turns it into something romantic.

“All I needed was my Stewie to make me a family guy,” the rapper shared on Twitter.

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