Blueface Ordered To Pay Vegas Strip Club $13 Million After Shooting

Los Angeles rapper Blueface ordered to pay $13 million following the Las Vegas shooting scandal. He had been convicted of several felony charges and then ordered to comply with probation regulations.

The judge ordered him to pay the large amount, due to Blueface failing to file an opposition. The owner of the Las Vegas strip club sued Blueface for $13.1 for loss of revenue, plus damages that had been made to the establishment.

The club owner alleges that since the shooting, his business had not been the same. In December 2022, the lawyer of the club owner filed legal paperwork with the intent of suing the famous rapper.

“The beautiful girls would like to thank the entire country for rocking with us in Las Vegas, we put together a dynasty in such a short time,” the owner wrote.

“But sadly, to announce that Euphoric Las Vegas will not reopen. Unfortunately, Mr. Blueface decided to bring gang-related activities to our establishment and put all of our girls out of business,” he continued.

Blueface had been placed on probation for three years, a year after the shooting occurred. If the probation terms are violated, the rapper will face up to five years in prison.

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