Blueface Responds To Backlash For Sharing Photo Of Newborn Son’s Genitals, Says He ‘Was Hacked’

Blueface is finding himself in hot water after his recent antics on social media.

Blueface is facing major backlash after he shared a picture of his newborn son’s genitals on his X account. The rapper has since spoken out and claimed that his X was hacked.

“My phone was stolen yesterday.” the rapper wrote. “ I just got a new one, guys I’m back my Twitter was hacked”

Over the weekend, Blueface shared a closeup picture of his newborn son’s genitalia to emphasize his need for hernia surgery after ChriseanRock said the baby did not need it.

“This what my son **** look like, and she worried about me and lil baby **** like bih get our son **** right then do what you want,” he captioned the graphic post.

“It’s my son I’ll post cuz **** if I want to tf who gone tell me not to…squabble up or shut up. I had a baby with a crack baby smh it’s my fault to fr can’t cap I tried to get that abortion, but she prayed for this shit,” he said on Twitter.

While the rapper may have been looking to prove his point by exposing his son’s unhealthy private area, social media users were appalled and angered by his choice of action. Many believe that Child Protection Services should get involved in some way.

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