Blueface Responds To Being Called ‘Zesty’ For Writing Jaidyn Alexis’ ‘Barbie’ Song

Blueface is no stranger to voicing his thoughts on social media, and after he got wind of a rumor, he made sure that he cleared up the situation online.

The “Thotiana” rapper went on Instagram to address the backlash he’s gotten for writing his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis’ new song “Barbie.” Social media users were using the word ‘zesty’ when referring to the West Coast rapper. He has denied being the brain behind her lyrical content, with some fans pointing out the obvious subliminal messages toward the mother of his newborn child, ChriseanRock.

“You really think I wrote that?” he asked into the camera. “That’s disrespectful. Y’all callin’ a ***** zesty? Is that what it is? So if I wrote them lyrics, that make me zesty, cuh? Jaidyn, tell ’em you wrote this ****. I ain’t never been zesty.”

Think it’s safe to say the California-born MC turned reality TV star is not a fan of being called zesty. He later doubled down on the claim that he had nothing to do with putting together the lyrics of Jaidyn’s song.

“Y’all think I wrote that is blasphemy,” he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Although Blueface has denied being the mastermind behind the record, fans are more confused because, according to Spotify, the song is written by Blueface.

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