Blueface Stabbed By ‘Some Random Guy’ While Training At LA Boxing Gym

Blueface has been hospitalized due to an injury caused while training at a boxing gym. Blueface told his fans that he had been stabbed and wouldn’t be able to fight in October.

“I won’t be able to fight Oct. 14, I was stabbed today by some random guy,” he wrote.

He released a video showing a man walking up to him while he was in training. The man can be seen walking up to Blueface abruptly and interrupting his session with his trainer. As the aggressor approached Blueface, the two started to have an argument before things got physical. In the video, you see the two men face-to-face as the situation escalates.

Blue’s personal trainer David Kaminsky is also seen trying to stop the altercation and get in between the two but with no success.

According to TMZ, when the man first walked into the gym, he was screaming, “I’m gonna kill you,” at Blueface. We are still unsure of the attacker’s identity, and assault charges have not been confirmed by authorities. The assailant was seen driving a Tesla and arriving with a Rottweiler. Blueface was stabbed once in the leg, leaving a deep gash in his thigh.

Blue reassured fans he is doing better but will still be missing his upcoming fight due to the injuries he’s stained.

While dealing with this inconvenience, Blueface and Chrisean Rock will be having a baby on the way very soon, according to her Tweet.

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