Blueface Threatens To ‘Checkout’ Jaidyn On IG Live

A studio session with Blueface and his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis turned into a tense moment during a recent studio session. 

While livestreaming from his Instagram page, Blueface was coaching Alexis through a recording. When she had a difficult time correctly delivering the bars, the Los Angeles rapper lost his temper multiple times.

“This is English 101 b*tch,” he said, before quickly apologizing when Alexis is heard leaving the vocal booth to confront him.

At another point in the session, Alexis struggles with a particular line, causing Blueface to lose his cool and slap the table in front of him.

“Goddamn! What the f*ck? What don’t you know?” he yells while knocking the phone over.

“One plus f*cking one equals two” he continues, before taking “a different approach.” He sarcastically switched to a softer tone. 

In the most disturbing sequence, the “Thotiana” artist tells Jaidyn, “If you don’t say this right, you finna get checked out.” Jaidyn later tells him that she, “doesn’t want to get beat up.” The clip concludes with him saying, “This b*tch don’t speak English.”

On Sunday, the couple made headlines when their son, Javaugn, said that Alexis’ song “Stewie” “sucks.” Another toxic relationship involving Blueface, and his expecting ex Chrisean Rock, is playing out in the current season of the reality show “Crazy In Love.”

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