Blueface Trolls Chrisean In A Blue Wig On TikTok

Blueface has been feeding into the drama surrounding Chrisean Rock and their TV series ‘Crazy in Love.’ Blueface jumped on TikTok and acted out a scene from the show, making fun of his pregnant ex, Chrisean.

The video clip from the show is currently going viral for his response to her getting seven tattoos. Blueface and Chrisean have been in a lot of drama regarding their relationship and future child, who has not been born yet.

In the popular scene, Blueface is telling Chrisean that he has been sent by God and continued to call her weird.

“B*tch, you trying to give God my credit and I’m not going for it. I’m taking God’s credit? No, b*tch, God sent me for you,” he said.

“It took something for you to get seven f*cking tattoos right, you goofy b*tch?” He continued on, making her cry.

Now that this clip has gone viral, fans are siding with Blueface. He decided to post a brief and funny TikTok, reenacting the drama. He went and put on a blue wig and mimicked Chrisean’s role.

The on-and-off couple has been in the spotlight ever since Chrisean starred in Blueface’s show ‘Blue Girls Club.’ Chrisean is now pregnant with his baby, and Blueface has since gotten back together with the mother of his two children, Jaidyn Alexis.

Even though the two are no longer together, the show will be airing on Zeus Network. Chrisean has yet to comment on his TikTok post; however, since she is pregnant, we are sure she does not love the fact that he decided to make fun of her, invalidating their argument.

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