Blueface’s Mom Reacts To Viral Video Of Chrisean Carelessly Holding Newborn

Blueface’s mother is not okay with how ChriseanRock handles her newborn baby

Karlissa Saffold has been very outspoken regarding her son’s relationship with ChriseanRock, and now the grandmother is sounding off to address a viral video. Saffold shared her thoughts on social media, and judging by her tone and choice of words, she was not impressed by Rock’s parenting skills after she got wind of the disturbing clip.

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“Got my goddamn baby in the grocery store with the goddamn shit folded over, and he doing the backbend like he in goddamn gymnastics already,” Karlissa Saffold said “Y’all over her just letting ’em walk around Walmart.

“I don’t like none of them mutha******,” she added. “Cali’s first baby daddy, her husband, none of the raggedy mutha******. They couldn’t even lift up more weights than me. I don’t know why my kids out here running around with goddamn weirdos…People who write on themselves is at the Walmart.”

“What was wrong with the Stater Bros. or Target? The muthaf**kas who write on themselves wasn’t gon’ be in there and pull out the camera and make you look stupid,” she continued.

Her irate message came after a video began circulating online of ChriseanRock with her less-than-a-month-old baby at a Walmart in California improperly placed in a harness with the child’s head getting no support.

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