Bobbi Althoff Recalls Lil Yachty Being ‘Super Awkward’ During Filming

Viral TikToker, Bobbi Althoff, who burst onto the scene after snagging some superstar guests, including Drake, on her show, recently reflected on who the most unusual guest was.

Bobbi Athoff spoke about her past guests in a recent podcast conversation and shared that Lil Yachty was “super awkward” during their filming.

“I walked into his house and it was super awkward because he’s really like kind of awkward. And, I’ve heard that going into it, but me with another awkward person is like– I think it’s because you guys aren’t awkward, maybe that’s why. Because he was awkward,” she added.

“I walked into his house. He didn’t even like say hi to me. So, then I was like, ‘let’s go to the bathroom.’ So, then we go to the bathroom and then, we like get out and he’s just sitting there with his two assistants and he’s not even acknowledging that I’m in the room. My camera guy is setting up and I’m just sitting there on my phone. And then he comes up and is like ‘oh, hi,’ and gives me a half-hug and I’m just like, ‘hi,’ then he goes back to sit,” the Youtuber-turned-podcaster mentions.

If you’ve ever watched any of her interviews, it seems like the gist of it is set up to be awkward, but it appears like Lil Yachty might have taken things up a notch for the 26-year-old internet personality. Lil Yachty has yet to respond to the alleged awkwardness.

Her high-profile interview with Drake might have been her biggest guest. However, it now seems like the two might have some type of feud after unfollowing each other on Instagram. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that the interview has been completely taken off of YouTube.

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