Boosie Badazz Accuses His Baby Mother’s Deceased Brother Of Being A ‘Child Molester

Boosie Badazz is back in the news and this time he’s making bold accusations!

After releasing a diss song entitled “Ungrateful,” towards his daughter,  Toriana Hatch, aka Tori whom he has been publicly beefing with, he now claims that he cut off communication with her “for life.” He also accuses Tori’s mother’s deceased brother of being a child molester.

“He in hell with Hitler. God don’t like child molesters. Pull up his record, it’ll show it,” he claimed

Boosie continued by stating that the deceased man in question isn’t Tori’s mother’s “real brother.”

As fans continue to watch the father-daughter feud, fans are split on who is at fault for their public beef.

“Boosie is killing me with these double standards,” one Instagram user wrote.

Another person commented, “her mom treats her like an adult but expects everyone to treat her as a child.

“But he allowed his son to be sexually assaulted,” another person wrote.

Although Boosie and his daughter have engaged in online arguments before, this one has unquestionably turned out to be the most heated. 

Tori argues that the Baton Rouge rapper has “never been there for [her] mentally.”

Boosie fired back at the accusations in his latest song.

“Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support/Ol’ dirty-ass b***h ’bout to lie in court,” the40-year-old exclaimed.

The father-daughter feud started Saturday, July 15th when Boosie reportedly took back Tori’s gifted Mercedes-Benz after she had left their Atlanta home to care for her mother who was in an accident.

“Who gives there daughter a car …. Take it back … ON TOP OF THAT GIVE HER A COLOR SHE DON’T EVEN LIKE BECAUSE YOU NOT “FATHER” ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE LIL SH-T BOUT YOUR OWN DAUGHTER,” she wrote. “N-gga took the car back just cause I left from atl to help my mom who damn near lost her life in a car wreck…”

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