Boosie Badazz Blasts Yung Bleu For Kicking An Artist From His Tour For Praising His Album

Boosie Badazz wasn’t thrilled to learn that Yung Bleu may have removed an artist from his tour for being a Boosie supporter. The issues started when the artist T-Rell shared positive feedback about Boosie’s latest album.

Boosie is no stranger when it comes to speaking his mind, and he voiced his frustration with Bleu on an Instagram video.

“This n***a Bleu done kicked T-Rell off the tour ’cause he got posted on my IG for saying my album was the truth,” the Baton Rogue native expressed in a video. “Clown! Wherever that tour go, I need y’all to send me addresses so I can send the shirts. If you in that city when that tour coming, I’m sending you 40, 50 shirts. That man ain’t got nothing to do with this. You gone kick the man off the tour. Send me y’all addresses so I can put these shirts everywhere for that tour.”

Rapper T-Rell feels as though he’s no longer part of the Love Scars Tour, partly due to his praising of the “Wipe Me Down” rapper on his “Goin Thru Some Thangs” release.

“Yung Bleu kicked off tour cause Boosie posted me on IG… if you know me I ALWAYS show love to boosie he the man that gave me a shot and put me on !!” the Kansas native wrote on Instagram. He goes on to say he’s neutral in this beef and has nothing to do with the Boosie and Bleu dispute.

The issue between the two stemmed from Yung Bleu originally being signed to Boosie’s label. However, EMPIRE Records got in the mix and signed Bleu. This rift has led to Boosie calling out EMPIRE Records for owing him money on multiple occasions. He’s even gone as far as making shirts blasting the record label CEO and Bleu, calling them both snakes for allegedly going behind his back. 

Yung Bleu’s Love Scars Tour begins on Aug. 24 in San Francisco and wraps up in Chicago on Sept. 30.

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