Boosie Threatens To Remove His Daughter From His Will

The rift between Boosie Badazz and his daughter Tori continues on a public stage. This time, the Baton Rouge rapper Torrence Hatch Jr. has threatened to remove Tori from his will.

In a clip of a phone call posted online Wednesday, Boosie can be heard arguing with Tori’s mother while using some choice words to describe their teenage child. “Tell that b*tch I’m taking her out my will,” the rapper shouted.

The argument appears to directly result from Boosie’s diss song and video targeting Tori and her mother entitled “Ungrateful.” In the track, he tells Tori’s mother that she “ain’t never been sh*t but a hoodrat” before pledging to “cut my daughter off for life.”

Just under a month before “Ungrateful” was released on Boosie’s Goin Thru Some Thangs album, he and Tori began a back and forth on social media stemming from a car he gifted and promptly repossessed from his daughter. 

Tori went on a multipost Instagram tirade about the vehicle, complaining about the color and saying that her father had it taken from her after she left Atlanta to care for her mother after a severe car accident. Boosie alleges that Tori left Atlanta to help her mother file a child support claim against him and promised to donate the car to charity.

Boosie also went live on Instagram Wednesday and admitted that he threatened to blacken Tori’s eye “hoping to instill fear in her.” Tori responded by doubling down on deadbeat accusations, saying that her father “has never been there for me mentally.”

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