Brian Pumper And Aliens Are Not Enough To Keep EST Gee Interested In Bootleg Kev

The grand opening turned into a grand closing as EST Gee abruptly ended his interview with Bootleg Kev on Wednesday, growing frustrated with the line of questioning.

The podcast got off to a rocky start when Bootleg Kev asked the rapper from Louisville, Kentucky about ****star Brian Pumper.

“Let’s quit talking about the **** mother******,” he said, interrupting the host’s discussion about oversized jewelry. The interview never recovered from that point. The transition to discussing the recent Congressional hearings about aliens was shot down.

“F*ck them aliens. N*ggas still gotta pay their bills tomorrow.”

An awkward discussion about Joe Rogan, state taxes, and the weather followed. But the final straw appeared to be the questions about EST Gee’s previous life as a football player. When Kev asked about his time as a linebacker at Indiana State University, the 29-year-old quickly replied, “What that got to do with the music and sh*t right now?”

The CMG signee went silent, even ignoring a question about his affiliation with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, and walked off the set just over 20 minutes after the interview began.

After seeing that the end of his sitdown with Bootleg Kev had already been posted online, EST expressed his frustration with the experience in an Instagram story.

“@bootlegkev You tryna play it like I walked out cause of football like [I] ain’t did plenty interviews talking about playing and talk about it in my music,” wrote EST Gee. “You asking me if I remembered an old man ****star. If I believe in aliens and the NFL combine????? WTF do that got to do with my album dropping Friday? And I literally just walked out that interview 2 hours ago you already got a clip up??? You tryna go viral LOL 100. I got real life sh*t going ask around Ion feel like playing so please don’t play wit me cause I play crazy.”

According to Bootleg Kev, the lack of chemistry with his guest could have been the result of a miscommunication between him and EST’s team.

EST Gee’s “El Toro 2” drops Friday.

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