BriccBaby Responds To Ant Glizzy’s Comments About No Jumper

Ant Glizzy went to social media to talk about the No Jumper Podcast. Ant Glizzy revealed that he turned down coming to No Jumper due to their being too many gang members around. He said that being around the No Jumper crew is a liability to his image.

“I Turned Down A No Jumper Interview I Love The Platform I Just Can’t Do Business With No Type Of Gang Members Around It’s a Liability To My Brand A Gang Banger Is A Person Who Have Nothing To Live 4” he wrote.

Ant Glizzy and Adam22 exchanged words on Twitter, now known as X. Adam22 replied to his tweet defending the No Jumper crew, receiving over 603.7k views on the tweet. BriccBaby also responded to Ant Glizzy and commented under the Instagram post.

“U know I’m Glizzy gang to death shyglizzy my brother I wasn’t even on that wit u but bet. U know how I rocc personally.” Briccbaby responded.

Later BriccBaby was asked about why he was scaring the guests at the No Jumper Podcast, referencing Ant Glizzy. Bricc said that he thought they were on good terms and that he didn’t try scare him.

He continued to say that he is close with Shy Glizzy. Saying that Shy Glizzy and Ant Glizzy had a falling out. BriccBaby said he did not want to get in between the mix but now has to respond based on what Ant said.

Ant Glizzy might have assumed that BriccBaby would have retaliated for Shy Glizzy due to how close the two are. He also said that he hasn’t talked to Ant Glizzy in a while, so he’s confused at where all this animosity came from.

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