Britney Spears Asks JAY-Z For A Feature And Dances To Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’

Britney Spears is consistent with her dancing videos on Instagram well, now she’s using the leverage to ask JAY-Z for a collaboration.

The pop singer posted a video of her dancing to Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” sporting black boots, cheetah print underwear, and a ripped black top. Fans are used to the blonde beauty showing off her moves online, but her request caught many off guard. As the pop artist danced around lip-syncing the lyrics, she mentioned that she would eventually be remixing the Beyoncé song and hoped JAY-Z would bless the record with a verse.

“So many people have done remixes to my songs without my knowledge,” she wrote in the caption of her video. “So I guess it’s safe to say I will be redoing this song eventually. !!! Just need to meet JAY-Z and add a rap to it … what’s up???”

The post has since been deleted, but not before it made its rounds on social media and went viral after the Mississippi native’s interesting remix request. We haven’t heard any music from the “Princess of Pop” this year, so some fans believe that this could be the push she needs to get in the studio, while others are voicing health concerns regarding Spears.

Her infamous dancing videos have gotten much attention from those in hip-hop. Cardi B name-dropped Spears on Latto’s “Put In On The Floor” remix with the line “I’m sexy dancing in the house I feel like Britney Spears” while wearing a shirt that read “I feel like Britney Spears” in the music video. Florida rapper Plies has also shared his admiration for the “Toxic” singer. He has been posting funny reactions to her dance moves and sharing them online, calling her “Hot Cheetos.”

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