Brittany Renner Gives Charleston White A Lap Dance

Brittany Renner was recently on a popular podcast called The Danza Project with Charleston White. Many clips of the interview have surfaced over social media of Brittany Renner dancing around and throwing water a Charleston and podcast host.

In the clip Brittany is seen standing up with a water bottle in hand as she walks over to Charleston. She stands over Charleston and then proceeds climbs on top of him. Brittany continues to hug him and she starts to give him a lap dance.

After she gets up and pours water on the man conducting the interview, she gives Charleston a splash. Everyone after this gets a little upset, checking the conditions of the equipment.

Brittany continues to dance on top of a chair and gives Charleston one last hug. Charleston White then gets up and leaves as she gets angry with the host. There are more clips that have surfaced of her throwing a whole water bottle at guest of the podcast.

In another clip the host of the podcast asks her about the father of her child, PJ Washington who plays for the Charlotte Hornets.

“PJ just got an amazing contract. How does that make you feel as a woman knowing that’s your baby father, what is your view on that?” the host asked.

She starts off by saying, “Honestly, I want my child’s father to win that’s just what it is.”

Brittany then goes to share her experience while giving birth. She goes into detail stating that she has gotten a second-degree tear from having an almost nine-pound baby.

She then yells and asks the room if they were listening and if they cared. Brittany Renner tells the room that she “loves that m*therf*cker”. Alleged rumors have speculated that she was using him and trapping him with their child.

Brittany tries to explain her love for him by the fact that she birthed his almost nine-pound baby. Which resulted in her having a second-degree tear. Things started to heat up when she felt as if the room was full of people who were not listening.

Guests behind the scenes start laughing and then she throws a water bottle at the crowd. The bottle misses and hits another guest of Charleston White. Brittany Renner and Charlestons guest start going at it.

The fans online are wondering if Brittany is doing well from the way she acted out on the podcast.

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