Bullets Found And Seized At Keefe D’s Home Weren’t A Match At The Tupac Murder Scene

A new report alleges that the bullets recovered from the latest investigation into Tupac Shakur’s murder do not match the shell casings discovered at the initial crime scene.

The body camera footage from the night the Las Vegas SWAT team raided the residence of Duane Keith Davis, also known as Keefe D, a former gang member and uncle of Orlando Anderson, ‘Pac’s alleged murderer, has been made public by ABC News.

Bullets retrieved from his residence in Henderson, Nevada, were among the many items they collected.

It has since come to light that the bullets found on the property do not correspond with the shot casings from the initial crime scene.

According to Hip Hop DX, on Monday, July 17, Las Vegas police carried out a search warrant at a residence in connection with the rapper’s death. It has since been revealed that Duane “Keefe D” Davis is the subject of the investigation. 

Keefe D, a former gang member and the uncle of ‘Pac’s alleged murderer Orlando Anderson, was allegedly involved in the search warrant that was executed on a property in Henderson, Nevada on Monday, July 17.

Naturally, the initial assumption is that Keefe D might be cleared as a suspect in the rapper’s murder, especially after this update within the investigation. 

However, neither the media nor the police have addressed or confirmed the implications of this discovery. 

Officials insist that Keefe is a crucial witness in the case, despite what these new findings may suggest. He allegedly stated that he sat next to the late rapper’s killer and the authorities implied that he might be aware of the details surrounding Tupac’s passing. 

It’s still unknown what further information the court might uncover about this case, given how much time has passed since then.

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