Burna Boy Reveals He Turned Down $5 Million Dollars to Perform in Dubai Due to Smoking Laws

The Afrobeats titan shared that the United Arab Emirates’ smoking restrictions were the reason why he turned down a bag!

During a freestyle, Burna Boy shared why he turned down a performance that would have paid him $5 million dollars in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE simply because he wouldn’t be able to smoke weed.

“Just now I turned down dubai money, 5 million dollar na small thing cos me I no dey like to dey go where dem no go gree allow me smoke igbo,” he rapped

According to The Legal 500, the United Arab Emirates has strict drug laws set in place. 

“The Federal Law no. 14 of 1995 on the countermeasures against narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (‘Narcotics Law’) criminalizes the procurement, import, export, manufacture, extraction, separation, production, possession, acquisition and abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as all the other types of activities and acts in connection therewith (Article 7),” the law reads

Those that are caught attempting to smuggle the illegal substance can face up to five years imprisonment, and or the death penalty. Those that are caught smoking cannabis can face a minimum of two years of prison time.

However, Dubai has reportedly softened their restrictions back in 2021, according to the AP News.

“People caught carrying food, drinks and other items with cannabis into the country will no longer land in prison if it’s their first time. Instead, authorities will confiscate and destroy the products,” the AP News reported.

U.K. rapper, Fredo was reportedly arrested for smuggling cannabis into the country and now faces up to three years of prison while on holiday.

Future’s DJ, Cisco was reportedly arrested for the same offense back in 2015. According to the DJ, he was behind bars for 56 days. 

“You go see a prosecutor. There’s no rights,” he said.  “When they arrest you, they don’t have to say you have a right to this, you have a right to an attorney, you have a right to remain silent. There’s no judge, no jury. They assign you to a prosecutor, and the prosecutor can just do what he wants with you. They don’t have to tell you anything. They don’t even have to explain what the charge is.”

Looks like Burna Boy made a sound choice in turning down the bag in this case. For more Burna Boy news, check No Jumper.

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