Cardi B Threatens To Drop Receipts And Bring Out ‘Belcalis The Demon’ Amid Kanye Drama

Cardi B has threatened to leave the internet in shambles if people do not leave her alone. She said she is trying to change and be Cardi B for the fans, but “Belcalis the Demon” is close to coming out.

“Let me keep it cute, and to my haters and to y’all [people] that want to see mess, leave me the **** alone,” she said.

“I come with receipts, years old receipts. I got receipts on all you ***** and you *******, and I will bring this internet into ******* shambles,” she continued.

She said that she does not want to disappoint her fans by being unprofessional. Cardi B said that she will keep it cute but will release receipts online with timestamps.

Cardi B allegedly has tea on celebrities and now is threatening her haters by releasing information that will break the internet. She asked her haters to leave her alone before she ends them.

An interview with Kanye resurfaced on the internet of him calling Cardi B an “industry plant” and that Cardi is in the Illuminati. He also said that Atlantic Records sent her to replace Nicki Minaj in the female rap game.

And most fans know that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have had conflict for years. The most recent altercation is when Cardi B’s husband, Offset, went to war with Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s husband.

Kenneth Petty and his “goons” waited outside to have a talk with Offset about something he wrote to one of Kenneth’s close friends. Nicki posted videos on Instagram of her in the studio with several men who have alleged gang affiliation.

The two female rappers continue to feud, and now it looks like problematic receipts Cardi B obtained will be released if she is not left alone.

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