Cardi B’s Assault Trial Pushed To 2024 In Hopes Of Reaching Agreement With Alleged Victim

Cardi B has hit many career milestones since her debut album, Invasion of Privacy but she still has pending legal issues looming over her head.

The “Bongos” rapper is involved in a legal battle with a security guard over an incident that happened in 2018. Cardi’s defense team has agreed to push the trial up until next year hoping that a deal can be reached according to court documents obtained from Radar Online.

In 2020, Emani Ellis, a security guard for the New York MC filed a lawsuit against the rapper accusing her of assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress. The incident is alleged to have taken place in 2018 when Cardi was pregnant with her first child, Kulture. The guard is claiming that she was attacked by the superstar when she was leaving one of her obstetrician appointments in Los Angeles.

Ellis states in her documents that she was scratched, yelled racial slurs, and even spit on by the entertainer. She says it happened when she recorded the rapper at a time when she had not gone public with her pregnancy.

The security guard then claims that she suffered physical, emotional, and psychological damages from the alleged altercation. No pictures of her injuries were seen even though she said she got a scratch on her neck. 

The allegations were denied by the medical building. A source also told TMZ that there was a verbal disagreement but nothing got physical nor was there racial slurs said.

This isn’t the only case the Grammy award-winning entertainer is up against. She’s filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K for spreading misinformation about the rapper and her family. Cardi B has since won the case and is waiting to collect almost $ 4 million from the blogger despite her filing for bankruptcy.

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