Cardi B’s Microphone Turned Weapon Sells For Nearly $100K On eBay

The microphone rapper Cardi B threw at a fan during a concert late last month sold on eBay Tuesday for nearly $100,000!

According to TMZ, the “WAP” rapper went viral after furiously launching her mic at a rowdy individual in the audience during her Drai’s Beach Club concert on Jul. 29 held in Las Vegas. 

After the event, an unnamed concertgoer filed a police report stating they were, “struck by an item thrown from the stage.” The LA Times reported that law enforcement officials open a criminal investigation into the incident. However, according to Forbes, the inquiry was eventually discontinued due to “insufficient evidence,” as confirmed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Scott Fisher, owner of the audio production company, The Wave, placed the microphone up for auction on eBay. After one week and 122 bids, the microphone was sold for a stunning $99,900.

The auction began at $500 and received over 120 bids in roughly a week. Fisher took to Facebook to announce that two charities, Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project, will receive an equal share of the microphone’s profit.

“So I am starting a new thread. For those that didn’t read it a few days ago I own the mic that Cardi B was nice enough to tomahawk at somebody that splashed some liquid on her a few days ago. After some encouragement from people I decided to auction it off with 100% of the profit going to be split evenly amongst 2 charities. One is a local charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas. The other is Wounded Warrior Project,” seller Scott Fisher announced on Facebook after advertising the microphone on eBay last week.

After attracting significant attention through an online auction following the widely publicized mic toss, which reportedly led to a brief police investigation into Cardi, the incident has sparked renewed debates surrounding concert fan behavior, as many artists face getting struck by various objects thrown by fans while performing.

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