Charleston White Breaks Down In Tears Over Adin Ross Situation, Says He’s ‘Playing A Character Online’

Charleston White is feeling the heat from his antisemitic rant about Kick streamer Adin Ross. The 46-year-old internet personality issued an apology of sorts via livestream. In a bizarre clip, White can be seen pacing back and forth around a room while wiping tears away from his face.

White, who has made a name for himself with controversial takes and feuds with a variety of entertainers, tearfully admits to “playing a character online.” From there, his words become less coherent, and he speaks of being sexually harassed “by two white girls before mentioning a picture with “two gay dudes” and $2,000. He also said that he is simply “playing a character online.”

White and Ross appeared to enjoy a friendly relationship, with White making appearances on Ross’ popular Kick channel. That changed when a verbal altercation between White and Ross collaborator IZIPrime on Friday nearly escalated to blows. Just hours later, White was broadcasting his profane rant.

“F*ck that white boy and f*ck all those Jew motherf*ckers that’s running sh*t,” he said to someone off camera. “The Holocaust was some made-up sh*t…like Valentine’s and Christmas, made up…Adin and his family are some lying motherf*ckers,” he said.

He also praised Hitler, did a Heil Hitler hand salute and threatened to rape Ross’ sister Naomi.

White rose to fame after stories of his past as a criminal and gang member began to circulate online. His outspoken nature has led to clashes with the likes of Soulja Boy, Bricc Baby and Boosie Badaz.

Ross has not commented on the White’s tearful video but did respond to the initial stream.

“You’re the one who taught me to call the police,” Ross said in the comments of White’s livestream. “You the one who taught me how to snitch.”

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