Charleston White Pepper Sprays Boxing Opponent

Charleston White has been in various dramas and debates this past month. The initial incident started when he was livestreaming with Adin Ross, where he pulled pepper spray out on a man he was arguing with.

Now, it seems like Charleston has pulled out the pepper spray once again. This time, the altercation unfolded with his boxing opponent, Suede the Plug God.

During the face-off, Suede decided to push Charleston off the stage, in fighter spirit. Charleston did not appreciate the aggression and came equipped with pepper spray.

After being pushed by the opponent, he quickly used the pepper spray he had on him. Suede then runs off the stage, holding his face in complete agony.

Charleston then turned to social media to explain his side of things. He explained that he felt attacked, and retaliated because they were not in the ring ready to fight as of yet.

“There’s a difference between fighting and boxing. I keep trying to tell you I’m a motherf*cking boxer, I don’t do no motherf*cking bar fight,” he yelled.

“I’m an amateur, professional boxer with the USA boxing association, don’t put your motherf*cking hands on me outside of boxing… I’m a sanctioned fighter, you trying to fight unsanctioned,” he concluded.

However, some fans are wondering why he had it on him at that specific moment, and are now questioning his motives.

“Keep your G*d damn hands off me, he’s lucky I didn’t press charges for assault… keep your motherf*cking hands off of me until we get in the ring.” He finished.

Suede and Charleston were preparing to fight in the ICB (Influencer Championship Boxing) an upcoming popular fighting arena for internet stars. We are unaware if the fight is continuing to air despite the fact that Suede could be slightly injured.

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