Chief Keef Blasted For Crushing Disabled Kid’s Rap Dreams

Chief Keef is facing heavy criticism after crushing a young man’s dreams of becoming a rapper.

Sosa recently received backlash after he told the TikTok user @mofrostthegoat to hang up his budding rap dreams.

“Get a job lil *****,” he commented.

@mofrostthegoat, who has a disability, gained a following from the posts that showed him rapping along with big-name artists. The comment gained traction after fans ripped into the 28-year-old with responses that suggested that Keef sounded like a “toolbox” for leaving the discouraging comment.

However, Sosa fans had his back and argued that Keef was simply being truthful despite the harshness of the comment. Supporters of @mofrostthegoat came to his defense and encouraged him to keep following his dreams despite Sosa’s comment.

Keef’s comment has since been deleted from the comment section. This comment fiasco follows the news of the wildly anticipated release of his upcoming album, Almighty So 2. The upcoming album is the follow-up album to the 2013 release Almighty So; however, it’s been in the works for five years.

To keep the interest of his fans, Keef shared the official artwork for tracks such as “Tony Montana Flow” and “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch.” Although the album saw some significant delays. Apple Music revealed that the album is scheduled to be released on Oct. 13.

Sosa recently reminded Drake for a feature on Almighty So 2, last month.

“Don’t forget them vocals, crody,” he commented under one of Drake’s Instagram posts.

Fans were also reminded by the Godfather of Drill that he is indeed the G.O.A.T. when it comes to the subgenre as it swept through the globe in recent years during the celebration of his 28th birthday. 

“I am. It’s real. I’m the godfather. You know that man,” he said. “I’m the founder, man. I started this ****. We all know that, though. The whole wide world know that. The whole world. Paris, London, Japan, China, USA.”

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