Chrisean And Blueface Reunite After Birth Of Son Chrisean Jr.

Blueface and his on and off again girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis had a falling out on social media. The two are at odds due to the fact that Blueface was seen online holding his newborn child with Chrisean Rock.

The drama started when Chrisean Rock posted a photo on Instagram. The photo shows Blueface taking a nap with his son Chrisean Jr. She captioned the photo “Daddy and I”.

This sparked outrage from the mother of his two kids. She went online to air out the father of her kids. Jaidyn called Blueface an “opp”, insinuating that he played her and pretended to be on her side.

Blueface went on social media to defend his actions. On Twitter now known as X, Blueface tweeted some things that have gotten under Jaidyn’s skin.

“I don’t know how to be a deadbeat I’m sorry I can’t live up to guys bad dad expectations.” he wrote.

“I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem.” he continued.

Blueface then went to comment on a social media post saying that Chrisean Rock had his phone. Then she posted the images, but he says it’s his child, so he was okay with that.

This set Jaidyn off; she went on a Twitter rampage telling everyone what he had been doing behind the scenes. She did not hold back in the multiple X tweets she posted.

“U weird b*tcht I’m the only one who ever had ur back, I held you down and y’all see this??”

“My BD an opp, sorry to disappoint y’all he’s a narcissist, a liar and a weirdo.” Jaidyn tweeted.

Fans are shocked at this turn of events, some fans thought that he wanted to be with Jaidyn. Most fans thought his because he missed the birth of Chrisean Jr. to party with Jaidyn in Miami. Now it seems like his mind has quickly changed once his son was born.

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