Chrisean Rock Calls Out Summer Walker Over Viral TikTok Skit

ChriseanRock addressed Summer Walker and now questions her friendship/loyalty after the singer spoofed the new mother. 

According to TMZ, the Zeus star took to social media to air her grievance towards the offensive spoof post on an Instagram live Thursday, Oct. 26.

“You were very insensitive,” she said. “This industry is cold as f***. You were in my DM’s asking me if I needed help and support, then mocked me on TikTok.”

In a social media post, Walker parodied an audio clip of ChriseanRock complaining about her ex-boyfriend Blueface suspicions surrounding her relationship to rival Lil Baby. Walker went as far as to black out one of her front teeth to mimic ChriseanRock’s missing tooth. 

To add more fuel, Walker spiced up the viral TikTok video by holding a baby doll flimsy, also referencing ChriseanRock unsafely maintaining her son in the store.

According to the reality star, Walker allegedly slid in her DMs on Instagram and offered support after a video of ChriseanRock’s infamous Walmart crisis went viral. 

From their online interactions, ChriseanRock believed that Walker was a friend within the “cold” industry. However, after Walker spoofed the incident, ChriseanRock shared that the post hurt her feelings as she worked on resolving conflicts more maturely. 

“I saw that video, and I was like, ‘Oh yeah? She think she funny?’” the Baltimore native said during her Instagram Live. “She don’t even know that that Walmart video triggered me.”

“It lowkey hurt my feelings. ‘Cause it was like, you got an influence, how about you do a positive thing instead of mocking somebody that really got clout,” she continued.

She continued:

“I DM’d Shorty, I texted her. It was some cool ****, I **** with her […] She was like, ‘Oh, Damn. My bad. You want me to take it down?’ I said, ‘For sure. You have a big influence, bro. That Walmart s*** triggered me,’” she added. 

Fans called out Walker as they defended ChriseanRock and told Walker to have “the same energy” when people make fun of her troubles. 

Walker brushed off ChriseanRock’s concerns, crushed feelings and advised the internet not to take the video or her humor seriously.

“Please do not take my humor [too] serious. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor & Katt Williams,” she said on an Instagram story. “They say s*** and don’t give af. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh n move on, but yeah.”

Walker also brought up ChriseanRock’s violent encounters and advised the new mother to “tighten up.”

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a tik tok or say the same joke everyone else said, but I do it, people butt hurt,” Walker said. “Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral way before I did it, but you aint have no sympathy when you be dragging b****** across the ground and dumbing h*** in sinks just for looking at you funny.”

“Let’s please tighten up. It was never that serious,” she added. 

Not backing down, ChriseanRock fired at Walker’s nonempathic response by making fun of Walker’s family issues, lack of a man, and a botched BBL procedure. 

“I ain’t making no mockery of you having three ******* kids, no man and a ****** up BBL,” clapped back. “A lot of **********, y’all got no room to talk about or mock people or joke on people for the fun of it.”

“Check your life before you start ******* playing with other people,” she warned others.

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