Chrisean Rock Flexes Post-Baby Body

Chrisean Rock had her baby on Sunday, livestreaming the entire event. She gave birth to a baby boy and decided to name her son Chrisean Malone Jr.

In a recent post, Chrisean showed off her belly a couple of days later after the delivery of her son. In the video, Chrisean said that she will be starting professional boxing soon and is going to the studio.

“So, I’m bout to start professional boxing ASAP — I’m going to the studio tonight!” she said.

Chrisean expressed her joy and revealed that she does not suffer from postpartum depression. Chrisean confessed that her stomach was still a touch chubby, but she predicted that she’d have a six-pack by the next day.

“Life is great! Um, the belly? It’s still a little pudgy, it’s saggy, but this is day, uh… one and a half, two? Day two. So this is day two, by tomorrow, I’ll have my six-pack,” she explained.

Fans are gathering around to show their support for the singer-songwriter. Her snapback is unmatched after having her son three days ago. She has bounced back remarkably. ChriseanRock is letting no one hold her back from pursuing her hopes and dreams. She gave birth to her child without the father, Blueface, and refuses to let social media bring her down.

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