Chrisean Rock Has Her Older Sister Tesehki Jumped

Chrisean Rock has tried to stay out of drama lately, mindful of her pregnancy by rapper Blueface. However, on August 12, Chrisean had her sister, Tesehki, jumped outside of a Baltimore club.

She was filming for her show alongside several other female artists, hosted by Bad Girl Natalie Nunn. In the brief one-minute video, Rock’s older sister Tesehki can be seen being pummeled and yelling, “These b*tches just jumped me!”

As Tesehki is yelling at someone in the crowd, she throws her bag and asks an unknown friend to hold her items. In the video, her anger and frustration are clear.

She then proceeds to throw water at her pregnant younger sister, Chrisean. In the meantime, Chrisean maintains her composure, staying calm and put-together.

Chrisean later goes on to explain her side of the situation via Instagram Live.

“We peeped your whole energy far away. You tried to backdoor me, n*gga, and I just beat you to it,” she says.

She then insinuates that her sister is jealous of her success and money, stating that she is “broke” and that she had been looking at her jewelry all night.

Rock also alleges that her sister got heated because Rock said that she was the “big sister,” a claim stemming from the wealth she has acquired. Chrisean is known for financially supporting most of the people in her family, due to her level of fame.

It appears as though they have unresolved family issues, and they are both fighting for leadership roles within the family. The police were eventually called to the scene to help break up the fight and separate the women.

Over the past year, Tesehki has had quite a few fallouts with members of her family. Hopefully, the sisters can work it out and get money together, rather than compete for the top spot.

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