Chrisean Rock Receives Mixed Reactions For Smoking A Joint While Pregnant

Chrisean and Blueface have been all over the internet lately with their show, ‘Crazy In Love 2’ premiering soon. In a clip of her talking to Blueface, Chrisean is seen rolling up and then smoking a joint while pregnant with a baby bump.

Many fans are concerned for her and the baby’s well-being. There has been a debate online about whether it is right to smoke while pregnant. Fans of the two have run to social media to express their feelings on the matter.

“Wait.. Chrisean is on tv smoking a blunt while pregnant. Which one of y’all FOOLISHLY said ‘this baby would change her’?” a Twitter account writes.

“I know it’s not my place, but I have this small irritation seeing chrisean smoking while pregnant. Like I’m a man, I will never experience pregnancy, but I have a strong feeling that smoking or drinking isn’t good at all for pregnancy,” another commenter adds.

But some people are going online to defend her actions to the public.

“Y’all so worried about Chrisean & her smoking.. if her doctor said it’s okay then stfu about it fr,” a fan writes.

“sh* I’m not mad at chrisean if I was pregnant I would be hitting my j here and dere too ain’t no way I’m going 9 months without smoking,” another fan comments.

There have been mixed reactions to the video clip posted online by the Zeus Network. Chrisean has also been seen at club events for Baddies East, causing people to also be concerned for her and her baby’s safety.

Blueface decided to chime in, defending his soon-to-be baby momma. He stated that lots of women smoke while pregnant, and that if it is before the third trimester, it will not affect the baby.

There is still a debate going on surrounding the matter, and it seems like the fans are split down the middle.

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