ChriseanRock Blesses Newborn At Home Church, Reveals Her Son’s Middle Name

It seems like ChriseanRock is truly enjoying motherhood. She recently shared another precious moment of her newborn, Chrisean Malone Jr.

On Sunday, the Zeus network star took her newborn son, Chrisean Malone Jr., to be blessed by Pastor Michael Freeman at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Baltimore, her hometown church, where she and her baby were accompanied by her family before the two returned to Los Angeles. 

“We dedicate this child unto you. We dedicate his life unto you,” Pastor Freeman said. “And every attack that’s set up against him, we rendered it null and void.”

As Pastor Freeman continued to pray for Chrisean Malone Jr., the new mother shared with the congregation that her son’s middle name is “Jesus” during the Dedication to Christ event. The pastor even blessed ChriseanRock and his father, Blueface, who wasn’t present. 

Now, in the name of the Lord of Jesus Christ, cover her, cover him. And even as it relates to his father, we cover him in prayer and every attack the devil has against his life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he prayed. “We decree that blessing shall abound on you, Chrisean Jr., that you are the product of the purpose of God and not just the product of your parent’s passion.”

Recently, the former couple has had public and heated exchanges over social media leading up to the seven-day-old’s birth. Blueface heavily blasted the new mother’s parenting skills, accusing her that their child would be “molested” in the care of Chrisean. 

“If she don’t take my son serious an make that her main focus an priority for atleast 30days, I will file for custody. You’ve been warned. My kid not finna be molested and touched on like everybody in her family dead homys I don’t play them typa games,” he said in a now-deleted tweet.

However, after he saw his youngest child be blessed, the father of three had a change of heart and praised her. Confirming he now trusts ChriseanRock with their son.

“That’s more like it, don’t leave his side. That’s a Blueface baby, hallelujah 🙏,” Blueface said. 

He also confirmed that he trusts ChriseanRock with their child. 

“I trust chrisean with my son; that’s it, nobody else; shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids, no doubt just alil impatient, an the baby NEEDS patience; can’t just get up an go no more. I’m being patient as hell you don’t think I wanna get up an go rn…timing not right,” he said in a deleted tweet. 

Despite praising his former girlfriend for having their baby boy blessed, Blueface is in the hot seat as he’s now under investigation with the Department of Children and Family Services. 

According to TMZ, the rapper had strippers at his home while his children were present. 

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