ChriseanRock Says Blueface’s Engagement Hasn’t Stopped Them From Hooking Up

The Zeus star aired out Blueface amid his engagement to Jaidyn Alexis.

ChriseanRock recently answered fans’ burning questions regarding her and Blueface’s relationship now that he’s engaged to Jaidyn Alexis. Her secret shocked fans as she revealed that the two are still hooking up despite the recent engagement. 

“We could pretend, but I ain’t finna pretend. I’m finna give it to you straight, you hear me? I think me and Blue, we want to leave each other alone, we really do; it just never will happen,” she shared. “I can’t give him what he wants. He can’t give me what I want, so we just have that toxic ass sex. ***** I ain’t never leaving him. I’m just like, aight yow, I just got my own ****. **** that real ****.”

While being truthful with fans, ChriseanRock said their toxic hook-up sessions won’t end soon. She also shared that the two allegedly slept together the previous day. 

“He still going to pull up like he did yesterday,” she said. “We really like locked in forever. He’s doing what he’s doing right now out of pain.”

“We got over our differences for real. He’s still nutting in me. If I’m being 100. I’m not doing anything for clout,” she continued.

Blueface has yet to comment on the bold claims. 

On Sunday, the Los Angeles rapper popped the big question to his high school sweetheart at a Los Angeles Rams game. The special night began with the two having fun throwing ones at strippers present at the game. He got on one knee and proposed to an emotional Alexis. The two celebrated the moment with Alexis’ friends, who were present in the suite. Blueface even shed a tear as the couple shared their happy moment online.

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