ChriseanRock Goes Off on Blueface For ‘Exposing’ Their Newborn Son

Lines have been crossed between ChriseanRock and the father of her child, Blueface. Blueface posted pictures of his son’s genitals online for the world to see.

The pictures showed their child’s genitals with a hernia. This picture has gone viral, and people are concerned about the child. Others are also concerned that he posted the photo on social media.

“This what my son **** look like an she worried about me an lil baby **** like *** get our son **** right then do what you want.” Blueface captioned the photo.

Blueface told the internet in now-deleted tweets that the baby had not received the surgery he was supposed to receive. He said that his son has no penis due to the hernia. The slew of viral tweets had been deleted. Blueface took to Twitter to clear up that his phone was stolen and his Twitter had been hacked.

ChriseanRock went live and told fans how angry she was with Blueface for posting their baby’s genitals. She explained why she thinks Blueface is posting the pictures. She said she did not want to sign with Milk Music and did not change Chrisean Jr.’s name. The new mother also noted that Blueface allegedly wanted her checks from Zeus to be changed to his name. She decided not to change it and thinks this is why he posted the photos of his son online.

Chrisean broke down in tears, saying he was doing this out of spite to hurt her. She says the world is now looking at Blueface differently for his actions.

The world of A-list celebrities has chimed in on the situation. Keke Palmer posted a message to ChriseanRock saying how sad she is for the whole incident and knows what it’s like to be a new mom. The reality star Masika also commented on the situation, saying that she believes that Blueface should have taken his son to the hospital instead of exposing him.

The world is showing its support for Chrisean Jr. and hopes he gets the help he needs soon.

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