ChriseanRock Plans To Rename Her Son After Blueface

ChriseanRock and Blueface have had a bumpy relationship throughout the years. They now share a newborn son named Chrisean Malone Jr.

She went on Instagram to talk with her fans and gave them updates on how it is being a new mother. She told the fans that she would change his name and that she liked Malone at first, but her feelings have changed.

“Yes, I’m changing his name. I gotta accept it, too. I was ******* with Chrisean Malone, but then I realized Malone is not… It’s not about to be that.” Chrisean laughed.

Chrisean said if they were still arguing online that she would have never wanted to change it and then called herself “childish.” Chrisean wants to change her son’s name to Johnathan Jamall Porter Jr.

“He has two sons, and he don’t got a junior yet. I don’t like it — I don’t like it like that. It’s kinda mean. I’m telling you, I can’t stay mean forever,” she said.

“I’m a very forgiving person. Plus, that’s my baby daddy.” she continued.

People are wondering why she decided to go through the process of naming him Chrisean just to change it. Fans have also been speculating on the two influencers relationship.

Chrisean said that she forgives Blueface for missing the birth of his son to party with Jaidyn Alexis. And now is willing to change the name of their son.

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