ChriseanRock Reacts To Viral Video Of Her Holding Her Baby At Walmart

ChriseanRock responded to a viral video in a new post online. Rock told her viewers that she was overwhelmed by the stress of being a single mother.

She said she is very transparent with Blueface but she thinks that he should help out more. The new mother just moved into a five-bedroom home with her family.

She expresses the struggles of cleaning the house and buying furniture, including baby stuff. ChriseanRock also was walking a dog while holding the baby, trying to navigate everything around her.

“I have a baby but why he not asking me ‘what’s up, what we got to do with this house?’ He not asking me none of that, he really trying to stay out of it.” she said.

ChriseanRock continued to say she was upset with the girl who recorded her without offering to ask. She said that she would have offered a single mother help if she had seen someone struggling.

“The girl that’s recording you could have at least said “Do you need help?”. She didn’t ask none of that.

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