Coi Leray Shuts Down Fan In Her DMs Who Used AI Pickup Lines

Coi Leray let a fan know that she was not impressed by AI-supported pickup lines. The exchange went viral on social media after a fan shared the conversation online along with video commentary.

The fan slid in the “Players” rapper’s DMs and admitted he was shocked when she replied.

“Not even lying, give me one date and it will be the best night you’ve ever had,” the Instagram user wrote.

“What’s the date?” the performer responded. Then, he narrates and shows how he used artificial intelligence to respond to her.

He mentions that he chose something that all girls love, “guys with boats.” Getting his hopes up, he settled on the message, “taking a board tide and watching the sunset.”

However, Leray then curves the guy and shuts down the interaction with “How about u take a boat ride out of my DMs.”

Unfortunately, the “Blick Blick” rapper was not moved by the invite. It seems as if the Coi Leray lover was looking for a funny response, after calling on ChatGPT for some suggestions.

As of now, Coi Leray hasn’t spoken about the now-viral screen recording. It’s possible she’s too busy focusing on music. She announced that her new EP will be coming soon. In a recent Instagram post, she captioned a video of her looking as if she’s somewhere in space, with “Blue Moon EP loading… 5 songs.”

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